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Countersoft announces the launch of its project task-list sharing service

19 January 2011 No Comment

Berkshire, UK, January 2011 – Countersoft, developer of the award winning Gemini project management platform, announces the launch of its task list sharing service, Project Patterns (www.projectpatterns.org). Project Patterns lets users define and share project task or check lists, receive feedback and make improvements. A pattern is any set of tasks or checks that leads to the achievement of a specific goal.

Project Managers have to track work and resources against project deliverables but very often they do not possess the specific domain knowledge or experience to be able to clearly define these. Given that many of these tasks are repeated daily by project teams all over the world, it makes sense to provide a simple means of sharing the lists of steps and necessary skills that many tasks should logically be broken into. For example, a project might need some commonly used database software to be installed. A Project Manager should be able to go to the Project Patterns website and pick up the pattern that describes the steps to install and configure this software, secure in the knowledge that this list of steps represents best practice based on experience. The contributor of the ‘pattern’ can receive feedback from its users and so, over time, the pattern becomes more and more effective for the Project Management community to use.

We all strive for deeper insights, more robust strategies and an all-encompassing best practice with which to tackle our jobs. A part of this best practice is the constant sharing of best practice, something which Project Managers do a great deal in the form of standardised processes, qualifications and communities. What Countersoft have done is to answer the question “why only share the methodologies and KPIs, why not share what you actually did?” The beauty of Project Patterns is that you can create a pattern for any discrete activity on a project. One Project Manager might be responsible for a website build while another is managing an ERP deployment, but they can both share the pattern for installing and configuring the same RDBMS system, or a checklist for Service Level Agreements with Hosting Providers etc.

Harvey Kandola, Countersoft’s CEO says “Our goal is to hasten the day when a Project Manager will go to Project Patterns, pick a number of patterns and have a project plan comprising the best practice approach to every single work item they are responsible for. Defining project tasks should be quick, simple, effective and knowledge based. When you want to start a new project you should be able to browse the site and ten minutes later have only the exceptional items, specific to your project and none other, to deal with.”

Based on their experience with Gemini, Countersoft saw an opportunity to support Project Managers by creating an environment and tools that let Project Managers help themselves and one another. Project Patterns is completely free to use and enables Project Managers to share the ways in which they have achieved their goals, saving their peers the effort of reproducing what has already been done when they encounter the same challenges. PMs can now collaborate on the development and improvement of patterns, thus creating a suite of best practice definitions of tasks for project success.

Uploading your pattern to Project Patterns is simple to do and means there is a central place for your colleagues, team members, clients and peers to find it. Completed patterns can be exported for use directly in Gemini or in a growing range of other popular formats.To start sharing best practice, have a look at the collection of patterns already on Project Patterns. When you are ready to create your own, the essential guide, ‘Getting started with Project Patterns in 8 Simple Steps’, can be found online at www.projectpatterns.org.

About Countersoft

Countersoft’s products and services are used by start-ups, SMEs, Fortune 2000, government, educational bodies, not-for-profits and charities around the globe. In line with its mission to enable collective capability, the company supports open source projects by donating product licenses to help them flourish.

The award-winning Gemini is a leading .NET based project management platform that provides an effective browser-based project team experience regardless of roles, locations and project types. For more information, visit the Countersoft website.

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