Being Honest in Project Management

“Honesty is the best policy. Truth will out. In vino, veritas.” We have many quotations and sayings which call out honesty and truthfulness to be strong, always winning out over lies and politics. Could it be the same in project management?

So why is it hard to be honest? Why do we tell little white lies, convenient fabrications and exaggerated stories – and why do we let our teams and processes do the same at higher levels of scale, with far more damaging results?

In this talk, we look at the roles of bias, uncertainty, self-esteem and graciousness in dishonesty, and ask: Is it really always a good thing to be honest? What are the effects of honesty and dishonesty? Do we always know what the truth is? And how can we create an environment and processes in which we are free to be honest more often?

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