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Who Should I Listen To? Prioritizing Organizational Stakeholders

Stakeholders are individuals or organizations who stand to gain or lose from the success or failure of a software development project. This article focuses is on internal stakeholders within the organization and the need to prioritize between them to create the good requirements for a successful project. It presents a...

Stakeholder Analysis

This video explains the importance and usage of a stakeholder analysis in project management.

Using Stakeholder Analysis in Software Project Management

Stakeholder analysis is a technique to identify and analyze the stakeholders surrounding a project. A proper analysis of the stakeholders will help you to construct a project approach suited to the situation and will allow you to negotiate better with the stakeholders.

Project Sociology: Identifying and involving the stakeholders

The major factor that affects the success of a project is having the right people involved in the right subjects at the right time. We recognise the need to identify the project’s stakeholders and to find ways of appropriately involving them throughout the life of the project. The stakeholders are...