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Creating the Environment for Agility

Agile methods and practices are mostly focused on one or more development teams working on a software project. Consequently, there is apparently no room left for “managers” in the agile world. However, agile teams do not exist in a vacuum – they function in an environment and whether they will...

Tuning Agile to Business Objectives

To successfully create breakthroughs in your development effectiveness that are possible with agile, it has to be aligned with why you want to do it in the first place and what you need to achieve from it. This excerpt of the book Practical Approach to Large-Scale Agile Development explain that...

Agility in Practice

BigVisible co-founder Giora Morein discusses agile coaching, organizational agility and innovation and how to convince executives that change is not only possible, but necessary.

Agile Adoption Advice

In discussions about different methods and techniques it is tempting to focus on how the new method will support our ability to do things the way we’ve done them in the past. We are drawn to what we know best.

Three Deadly Pitfalls of Agile Implementations

Many agile implementations start off with good intentions, but do not deliver on the promise of agile. This article discusses three recurring themes of failure related to agile implementations: inexperience, lack of planning and limited executive sponsorship. Before you embark on your agile initiative, or if you are looking to...

How to Change the World

How do I make my managers more Agile? How can I make customers more cooperative? When transforming organizations and other social systems people usually encounter obstacles. And these obstacles very often involve changing other people’s behaviors.

Change in Productivity

In this blog post, Tom Perry shares his thoughts about how the software project team productivity is influenced by change. Finding that combination of what works for a project can take time. However, when this happens, it will often produce a dramatic improvement in performance and not a slow gradual...

Scrum Obstacles

Concrete barriers to Scrum adoption are inevitable. Test cycles will not magically shrink without effort. Most of the challenges in Scrum adoption are not technical, but social.