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Managing Virtual Software Development Projects

In a global software development world, many software development projects are now virtually organized with team members distributed across different countries and time zones, employed directly by the sponsor company, recruited in software outsourcing organizations or freelance platforms. This article discusses the specific techniques that could help you manage virtual...

Metrics in Distributed Product Development

In project management, the measurements and metrics are important activities for successful product development. This article describes a set of metrics successfully used in industrial practice in distributed product development. Based on the experiences, the reasoning for selecting these metrics was that they are easy to capture and can be...

Remote Programmer

This video describe reasons for working remotely as a programmer. It presents a couple of useful habits of the remote worker and then focus on working effectively in a distributed team. There is a huge difference between just being a remote worker and being a member of a distributed team....

Reflections on Virtual Teams

Who wants to get up at 3 a.m. for a status meeting? This article shares valuable lessons about organizing and managing virtual teams with members around the globe, who have various skills, motivations, commitments, project affiliations and restrictions.

Distributed Teams and Agile

This article shares experiences and a model to organize and operate distributed Agile teams. The author wants to convey a simple message: Agile is the best approach for distributed teams.