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Panic, Practice and Process

If you’re worrying about how you’re doing, you’re not paying attention to what you’re doing. When you’re panicking, you’re not improving. This lightning talk explores the value of focusing on process rather than progress in order to deliver quality while staying sane.

Optimize Your Project Development Process

Tired of inefficient methods? Sad because you software project missed deadlines? Overwhelmed by everyday bottlenecks? If the answer for at least one of those questions is yes, you need to optimize your process. One of them is use of simulation games and gamification. But both tools can be extremely helpful....

Lightweight Project Management Process

In this blog post, Eli Weinstock-Herman proposes a lightweight process for project management and explains that the most critical part of creating a process is to know why your creating it.

Leadership, Teamwork, and Trust

In this interview of James W. Over by Grady Booch, they about the evolution and future of the software development process, a common failure of most startups, and learning about Watts Humphrey’s outrageous commitment.