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Minimizing Risks When Launching a Product

How does a business minimize the uncertainty and risks it faces when launching a new product to market? Markets are full of uncertainties with ever changing demands. New products are entering the marketplace all the time. These products cause severe turbulence and unexpected outcomes.

Don’t Let Your Process Hide Your Ignorance

Most software projects involve doing something new about which we’re ignorant, which brings uncertainty. Our brains aren’t comfortable with that, so we have to make conscious effort to stop pretending to be certain when we’re not!

Risk Management in Software Development Projects

Enhancing Project Success with Risk Management

Risk refers to uncertain future conditions or circumstances that may adversely impact a project if they occur. A risk represents the possibility, not the certainty, of a future event affecting the success of a software development project. Risk is inherent in all projects. By effectively managing risk, the project team...

Root Cause Analysis for Project Managers

Risk management and reduction is an important activity for the project manager. Accidents will always happen and corrective action is then needed to deal with issues encountered during projects. Unfortunately, actions taken to resolve a problem often only address the problem itself, not its underlying causes. This article explains the...

Agile Project Risk Management

The article “Managing Schedule Flaws using Agile Methods” presents several symptoms and causes of schedule problems, describes metrics and diagrams that can be used to track your team’s progress against its schedule and proposes Agile approaches to mitigate these risks.

Managing Risk on Agile Projects with the Risk Burndown Chart

Risk management is a central part of traditional project management and is included as one of the knowledge areas in the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) body of knowledge. In many of my classes, participants ask how Scrum and agile address risk management. Some are concerned that agile or Scrum ignore...

Risk Factor: Confronting the Risks That Impact Software Project Success

The article “Risk Factor: Confronting the Risks That Impact Software Project Success” by Theron R. Leishman and Dr. David A. Cook discuss that every systems and software project involves risk. Often, how you manage your program risks is a deciding factor in the eventual success or failure of your program....