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Being Honest in Project Management

“Honesty is the best policy. Truth will out. In vino, veritas.” We have many quotations and sayings which call out honesty and truthfulness to be strong, always winning out over lies and politics. Could it be the same in project management?

The Surprising Science Behind Agile Leadership

Not everyone is a fan of the self directed self organizing team. It flies in the face of traditional project management, and often conflicts with the traditional organization model. The benefits of self directed teams however are too big to ignore and now we have scientific proof as to why.

Stand Back and Deliver

Leadership is not a topic that is easily discussed in a book. Pollyanna Pixton, Niel Nickolaisen, Todd Little, Kent McDonald have however produced a cohesive book that provides some tools to assess and manage your software development projects. The book presents four key principles: Purpose – Collaborate – Delivery –...

Leadership, Teamwork, and Trust

In this interview of James W. Over by Grady Booch, they about the evolution and future of the software development process, a common failure of most startups, and learning about Watts Humphrey’s outrageous commitment.