Project Management for Software Development

Why the UX Team Doesn’t Get the Credit

The easier designs are to use, the less users tend to think about the work that went into making them that way. We know good designs are largely the result of your careful efforts during softgware development projects.

Why Most Data Projects Fail & How to Avoid It

Unfortunately, the majority of data projects fail. Yet, they fail for the same reasons. Most management and data teams don’t know the reasons a project succeeds or fails. It just appears to be random, hard work, or luck.

Introduction to the Principles of Lean Portfolio Management

Adaptive/Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) is key to effectively becoming an agile organization and can be considered one of the pillars of business agility. In this presentation, Shane Hastie introduces the key ideas around LPM, discusses the 12 principles of Lean Portfolio Management.

The Jazz Process by Adrian Cho

Book Review: The Jazz Process

I must admit that I was initially a little bit skeptical on a book about agility coming out from IBM. I was wrong. Although you will find a little bit of “bigblueness” in the content, I really enjoy reading “The Jazz Process” that proposes a deep and interesting perspective on...

Online Gantt Charts Editors

Online Gantt Charts Editors

A Gantt chart is a type of chart that shows the schedule of a software development project. Gantt charts show the dependency relationships between activities and the current schedule status. They provide a big picture of the plan and the realization of projects, including the critical path. This chart was...

Managing the Unmanageable: Rules, Tools, and Insights for Managing Software People and Teams

Book Review: Managing the Unmanageable

The book “Managing the Unmanageable” starts with the observation that software development projects have always difficulties to be successful, which might explain the title of this book. The authors share in it some techniques and approaches to improve this situation, based on their long experience as software development managers in...

Anti-culture of Commitments in Software Development

Human beings suck at committing anything, even if this is an important part of software development project planning. That is – the committing part is easy, fulfilling the promises – not anymore. Anger, frustration, disappointment – sounds familiar?

group meeting table

Removing Team Members From Software Development Projects

Sometimes, it is not possible to keep a team member who is causing problems for your software development project. In their book “Managing the Unmanageable”, Mickey Mantle and Ron Lichty provides advice to the project manager on how to dismiss a person who is not performing well or who demonstrates...