Project Management for Software Development

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Removing Team Members From Software Development Projects

Sometimes, it is not possible to keep a team member who is causing problems for your software development project. In their book “Managing the Unmanageable”, Mickey Mantle and Ron Lichty provides advice to the project manager on how to dismiss a person who is not performing well or who demonstrates...

5 Best Tools that Make Organization at Work a Breeze

Certifications for Business Analysis and Software Requirements

Certifications are helpful to improve professional careers. Various business analysis and software requirements organizations exist that offers both a community for sharing knowledge and certifications opportunities, similarly than the Project Management Institute provides for project management domain with its PMP program.

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Specification by Example

Specification by Example by Gojko Adzic is a book that provides a set of process patterns that facilitate change in software products to ensure the right product is delivered effectively. This book about software requirements is based on the research of 30 teams that implemented 50 projects.

Four Years of Team Self-Selection at Redgate Software

Traditional project management wisdom teaches us that long-lived, stable teams perform best, and that changing team membership is to be avoided as much as possible. Redgate Software has challenged this advice, believing it was better for software engineers and the overall organization to deliberately change-up our teams every year.

From Good to Great: Agile Team Facilitation

Working in collaborative, self-organizing Agile software development teams can be challenging. It is important that all team members understand the group dynamics involved and how to effectively facilitate these sessions.

People as the Source of Business Agility

Successful Agile businesses such as Spotify and Netflix have become the example for those on a business agility journey. The secret ingredient they all share… people… more specifically, a mission built around people.