Project Management for Software Development

From #Noprojects​ to Continuous Digital

Once upon a time there was IT, and IT departments had projects. Projects were always a bad fit for software development, but somehow we made them work. As IT became Agile the damage caused by the project model became obvious and #NoProjects​ emerged to help teams go beyond projects. Today...

People First Project Leadership

We must never devalue people in the process of delivering a technical solution. This requires all roles on a project team to practice the core skills and techniques to lead without authority. This talk highlights a wide range of topics including: the importance of diversity and inclusion on software development...

Effective Project Communication in a Remote First World

2020 has seen a seismic shift in how we work across the IT industry. Remote working and project management, previously the choice of a small minority of IT professionals, has become the de facto standard. This trend is likely to strengthen as workers and companies embrace the myriad potential benefits....

Building Amazing Project Teams

The challenges of attracting top talent, keeping them on board, as well as successfully maintaining a rapidly growing project team are all too familiar to managers. In today’s technology-fueled world, trends come and go, but building world-class teams that are passionate, talented, and hardworking will never go out of style....

5 Best Tools that Make Organization at Work a Breeze

5 Best Tools that Make Organization at Work a Breeze

Organizing your workday can be very tricky. Whether you belong to a big or small enterprise, getting through the gamut of workday tasks will always have its challenges. With the popularity of remote work gaining a strong foothold in today’s “new normal,” managing your workload while making sure that everyone...

Stand Back and Deliver

Book Review: Stand Back & Deliver

“Stand Back and Deliver” is a book about leadership. This is not an easy topic to be discussed in a book, but this one gives you some tools that will help you to assess situations and act on them.

Learning Together: How to Share Knowledge Across Project Teams

When you work with many software developers, spanning different teams and different projects, it is hard to keep up with changes. This presentation shares how FutureLearn utilizes their culture of learning, to keep their software engineers up-to-date on topics from ECMAScript changes to wilder concepts like generative art.

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2021 Project Management Predictions

What will happen in 2021 in the area of project management and information technology (IT)? Here are some predictions from the people of Planview. They talk about planning cycles, The gap between “IT” decisions and “Business” decisions, small data and AI/ML.