Project Management for Software Development

Five Core Practices for Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery is a software development strategy that optimizes your delivery process to get high-quality, valuable software delivered as quickly as possible. A common failure mode of software projects is called the large batch death-spiral, whereby product owners, in an attempt to ensure the success of their product, add more...

Why Agile Estimates Are Better

Is there a relationship between the dependency of project tasks and the achievement of work close to the estimated date? This is the discussion that Assaf Stone carries in his blog post “Do Agile Estimation Techniques Really Account for Scrum Projects’ Successes?“. His conclusion is that a project with multi-dependent...

Portfolio Analysis with Microsoft Project

This video provides a high level overview of Microsoft Project Server 2010 and focuses in on Portfolio Analysis. This area is a major pain point for many organisations and in this video we see how organisations can improve their project selection and approval processes.

Scrum of Scrums with JIRA and GreenHopper

This videos shows how to manage the situation of multiple Scrum teams working together with JIRA and GreenHopper. It explains how to manage backlogs and sprints and shares the lessons learned during thir real life project.

Scrum BurnUp Charts

A Scrum BurnUp Chart is a specific Big Visible Chart that is used to show progress for a release or iteration. The horizontal axis represents Time and the vertical axis represents Scope. For a release burn up the horizontal axis is used to represent iterations while for an iteration burn...

Three Pillars of Project Management

PMP certification is only one piece in the puzzle of project management expertise. This articles discusses the three main pillars of successful project management: knowledge, experience and people skills. These three sisters play complementary roles and have a symbiotic relationship.

Three Deadly Pitfalls of Agile Implementations

Many agile implementations start off with good intentions, but do not deliver on the promise of agile. This article discusses three recurring themes of failure related to agile implementations: inexperience, lack of planning and limited executive sponsorship. Before you embark on your agile initiative, or if you are looking to...

Accidental Scrum

This article presents the story of a project that was performed in a Scrum manner without even knowing that the method was Scrum. What initially looked like an impossible project was delivered in six months, with exceptional customer satisfaction and confidence all around. Facing uncertain requirements, the team decided to...