Project Management for Software Development

Transforming to Agile PMO

This video shares some key ‘waste’ areas within organizations and some ideas for how the PMO can focus their efforts on addressing these areas with special attention on limiting the number of projects in execution at one time.

Metrics for Better Software Teams

The article “Moneyball for software engineering” explains how metrics-driven decisions can build better software teams. The basic idea is that organizations can use statistical data to build more competitive teams. Most of us work in software project teams, but we rarely use metrics to identify strengths and weaknesses, set and...

Agile Planning Benefits

One of the most common myths is to believe that being “Agile” means avoiding planning. This myth couldn’t be further from the truth and people use it as a way to avoid agile practices. Agile planning does not mean “no planning” but rather a flexible plan that changes with the...

Transitioning From Time-Based to Relative Estimation

Your team has adopted the relative story point estimation and you are now ready to jump into your first planning poker session. Where do you start? What is a 1-point story? What is a 3-point story? What is a 13-point story? Your team is looking to you and this process...

Reflections on Virtual Teams

Who wants to get up at 3 a.m. for a status meeting? This article shares valuable lessons about organizing and managing virtual teams with members around the globe, who have various skills, motivations, commitments, project affiliations and restrictions.

Sustainable, Successful and Repeatable

This presentation shows how to use Strategy and Tactic (S&T) trees as the basis for our implementations. It focuses on a few case studies allowing participants to use basic S&T tree in their own environment to either catalyze or re-energize their agile implementation.

Appraisals and Agile Don’t Play Nicely

In this blog post, Gary Reynolds explains why the traditional appraisal systems (performance reviews, 360 feedback, evaluations) are in conflict with Agile values because they focus on the individual and not on the teamwork. The challenge is that individuals within an organization expect and deserve feedback on their performance, thus...