Embrace the Super Team

Have you ever worked in a software development super team? The kind of team where the process is the natural flow of the team. Everyone on the team working on his or her parts of the project and it all comes together as one perfect whole. Discussions flow easily, decisions get made and everyone has the same agenda. It is a great place to be, but it almost never lasts. So, how do you create a super team and keep performing as one?

We will take a look at the characteristics of a super team and how methodologies try to mimic them. Instead of searching for the perfect methodology, we search for the underlying reasons why some team environments foster creativity, productivity and thriving team members. We will try to understand some of today’s most popular methodologies and explain why it really doesn’t matter which one you choose – it’s all about people, not process!

We will give you insight into the underlying motivational factors in different methodologies, and how they can help your team get into super team mode. So, instead of talking about Scrum standups, backlogs and planning poker, we’ll talk about the progress principle, the power of autonomy and the importance of mastery and purpose. Even though methodologies come and go, the principles behind them don’t. Software development is after all a human activity.

Video producer: http://www.boosterconf.no/

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