Project Management for Software Development

The Challenges of Managing Virtual Teams

The Challenges of Managing Virtual Teams

Remote work is on the rise and has definitely come to stay. However, when you are the project manager of a virtual software development team, there are some common challenges that you have to face. Learn here how to overcome them with some specific skills.


Free and Open Source Project Management Tools

This article contains a selected list of free and open source project management software tools that can be used to manage software development projects. The features provided by traditional open source project management tools are the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), the Gantt and PERT charts, Critical Path Management (CPM) to...

Efficiency vs Effectiveness in Agile

Learn the difference between effectiveness and efficiency, and whether your software development team can be agile without knowing it. This Unscripted episode was recorded at GOTO Copenhagen 2021 with Aino Vonge Corry, author of “Retrospective Antipatterns”, Klaus Bucka-Lassen, agile coach and trainer and Preben Thorø, CTO of Trifork.

Continuous Visibility, No More Dashboards

Tired of the business asking you questions about your software that you don’t know the answer to? Let’s get some visibility! This presentation covers the journey from how James Brown and his team evolved visibility in their systems, reduced those 3am calls, proposes throwing those overhead dashboards in the bin...

Peopleware by Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister

Book Review: Peopleware – Productive Projects and Teams

This is the third edition of the famous Peopleware book written by Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister, published for the first time in 1987. This book is a classical work that has emphasized for a long time the importance of people in software development. As the authors wrote it: “The...

Using Metrics as a Map to Navigate Uncertainty

This session won’t teach you to eliminate uncertainty or allow you to see the future, but it will provide you with tools to explore and chart a reasonable course through the inherent ambiguity of knowledge work by simply measuring units of value delivered over time.