Project Management for Software Development

5 Best Tools that Make Organization at Work a Breeze

5 Best Tools that Make Organization at Work a Breeze

Organizing your workday can be very tricky. Whether you belong to a big or small enterprise, getting through the gamut of workday tasks will always have its challenges. With the popularity of remote work gaining a strong foothold in today’s “new normal,” managing your workload while making sure that everyone...

Stand Back and Deliver

Book Review: Stand Back & Deliver

“Stand Back and Deliver” is a book about leadership. This is not an easy topic to be discussed in a book, but this one gives you some tools that will help you to assess situations and act on them.

Learning Together: How to Share Knowledge Across Project Teams

When you work with many software developers, spanning different teams and different projects, it is hard to keep up with changes. This presentation shares how FutureLearn utilizes their culture of learning, to keep their software engineers up-to-date on topics from ECMAScript changes to wilder concepts like generative art.

Creating ValueFirst Product Organizations

Even when having an Agile organization, projects tend to deliver late and over budget, so we all dream to a product-development organization that delivers on-time and under-budget, every time. Is it possible?

A Leadership Guide for Reluctant Leaders

Regardless of the technology you know, regardless of the job title you have, you have amazing potential to impact your workplace, community, and beyond as a leader. This presentation shares a few candid stories of the presenter’s career failures.. or learning opportunities.

How to Hire Great Software Engineers

In a world that increasingly runs on code, finding and hiring great software engineers is a constraint that is shared between all organizations whether they are a tech giant or a small startup. Unfortunately, many organizations do not understand that there is a huge difference between software engineering and talent...

Building Operating Cadence With Remote Teams

Learn from Wade Foster how to manage remote teams for software development. Wade Foster is a co-founder of Zapier, a company that has over 160 employees and no office. Zapier is a fully-remote company, and has no intention of changing that. Here, Wade shares his processes for running a fully...

Book Review: Beyond Agile

Book Review: Beyond Agile

When the authors describe the purpose of Beyond Agile, they write “one of the constant criticisms of all management styles and fads is that they seldom come with real in-the-field case studies”. There are many books that deal with how organizations should adopt of Agile, Scrum or Kanban and explain...