Project Management for Software Development

Uncover Costs of Delay to Increase Software Development Productivity

Jutta Eckstein presents simple tools and methods for uncovering hidden costs of delay in software development projects. These tools and methods can be applied in various contexts: In small and large software development teams as well as in co-located and distributed teams. Using an agile approach will help to make...

Book Review: Leadership, Teamwork, and Trust

Book Review: Leadership, Teamwork, and Trust

The late Watts S. Humphrey has been an important personality of the software development world. He led the development of the Software Capability Maturity Model (CMMI), an internationally recognized standard in the field of software process improvement. The title of his last book “Leadership, Teamwork, and Trust – Building a...

We Need Guns, Lots of Guns – There Is No Silver Bullet

The software development project managers are notoriously seeking for silver bullets. Models, concepts or frameworks that could miraculously fix whatever is broken; Lean, Agile, Scrum, SAFe®, DevOps. This talk is a travel back in time to recap Fred Brooks “Mythical Man-month” book and his prophecy that there are “No Silver...


Free and Open Source Project Management Tools

This article contains a selected list of free and open source project management software tools that can be used to manage software development projects. The features provided by traditional open source project management tools are the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), the Gantt and PERT charts, Critical Path Management (CPM) to...

Adaptive Project Framework

Book Review: Adaptive Project Framework

In the category of project management books, the book “Adaptive Project Framework” is a little bit different, as its goal is to present an open framework and not a prescriptive model. As the author Robert K. Wysocki wrote, many project managers prefer to apply an existing recipe for their project.

Building Awesome Teams Using The Team Collaboration Canvas

What is the secret of successful agile initiatives and awesome teams? Teamwork and effective collaboration, of course. It is important to set up software project development teams for success, as well as implement continuous improvement processes to ensure antipatterns and difficulties are addressed.

Project Management: Waterfall, Agile & Hybrid Approaches

This video outlines three main approaches to software development project management: Waterfall, Agile and Hybrid. When planning and executing a project, it is important to make sure you are using the appropriate Project Management methodology to best meet your project objectives.