Project Management for Software Development

A Leadership Guide for Reluctant Leaders

Regardless of the technology you know, regardless of the job title you have, you have amazing potential to impact your workplace, community, and beyond as a leader. This presentation shares a few candid stories of the presenter’s career failures.. or learning opportunities.

How to Hire Great Software Engineers

In a world that increasingly runs on code, finding and hiring great software engineers is a constraint that is shared between all organizations whether they are a tech giant or a small startup. Unfortunately, many organizations do not understand that there is a huge difference between software engineering and talent...

Building Operating Cadence With Remote Teams

Learn from Wade Foster how to manage remote teams for software development. Wade Foster is a co-founder of Zapier, a company that has over 160 employees and no office. Zapier is a fully-remote company, and has no intention of changing that. Here, Wade shares his processes for running a fully...

Book Review: Beyond Agile

Book Review: Beyond Agile

When the authors describe the purpose of Beyond Agile, they write “one of the constant criticisms of all management styles and fads is that they seldom come with real in-the-field case studies”. There are many books that deal with how organizations should adopt of Agile, Scrum or Kanban and explain...

Interview with Julia Dellnitz about Agile Methodologies

In this interview was recorded at GOTO Berlin 2018 with Julia Dellnitz, she discusses about what does it mean to be an Agile Coach. She presents also what is the biggest obstacle for companies implementing an Agile Methodology and what do you think about Scrum.

Building Trust in Software Development Teams

Richard Campbell discusses his experiences building trust within software development teams with time, effort, honesty and pizza. Today businesses run on software, and the quality of that software is directly affected by the level of trust the team members responsible for that software have with each other – from management...

maturity levels of the Open SAMM framework

Implementing a Secure Software Development Program

This article presents the “Open Security Assurance Maturity Model” (Open SAMM). It is very important to have a basic understanding of “Open SAMM” as this is going to be the base for the approach that I am going to demonstrate for the implementation of S-SDLC. Open SAMM as a framework...