Project Management for Software Development

Using Metrics as a Map to Navigate Uncertainty

This session won’t teach you to eliminate uncertainty or allow you to see the future, but it will provide you with tools to explore and chart a reasonable course through the inherent ambiguity of knowledge work by simply measuring units of value delivered over time.

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Digital Transformation Starts with IT, Not the Enterprise

What has the last year taught us? More than anything, we can likely come together to accomplish seemingly unachievable goals to serve the greater good for each of our organizations and those served by them. Primary among these advancements is the move toward a digitally transformed environment. Some of the...

Could Sociocracy Help Teamwork?

Flat organization structures, agile methodologies, teamwork, etc. have become dominant in today’s IT departments and companies. These concepts clearly solve some issues with the earlier organizational paradigm. But they also come with challenges of their own.

Global Project Management by Jean Binder

Book Review: Global Project Management

In a global world, software development projects concern more and more people working in various locations or coming from different organizations and culture. Managing these projects requires thinking beyond the traditional project management techniques to integrate these additional global dimensions and deal with the new issues that they create.

Project Team Structures

Jeff Gallimore, CTIO and Co-founder of Excella, describes how to structure software development teams to optimize flow, the delivery of value, and accountability. Principles from Lean and DevOps inform decisions about team structure.

project management group people

Software Development Project Team Alignment

Software development project teams achieve the best results when all the team members share a common understanding of the project goals, both on the technical and business side. But how do you create and measure the team alignment?