Project Management for Software Development

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The Top-Five Most Valuable Development Team Positions

This article contains a list of resources about the most valuable positions in a software development team. The original content mentioned had disappeared, so you will find below another list of resources about the how to form the best software development teams and what are the roles involved.

Why best practices are hard to practice (and what can be done about it)

The two common pitfalls that organizations encounter when implementing best practices are: 1. Lack of adaptation: this refers to a situation in which best practices are applied without customizing them to an organization’s specific needs. 2. Lack or adoption: this to the tendency of best practice initiatives to fizzle out...

Change Happens Slowly

“Behavior change happens, but it happens slowly. It may take several tries from different angles before a team changes their stand-up behavior. Be patient. Keep trying. They will change when they need to, but only if you don’t shield them from natural consequences that follow from poor stand-ups.” Reference: “Coaching...

Defining Project Failure

Most people try to avoid failure at any cost. However, the real question is how do we define project failure? In most cases, you will hear people talk about the project going over budget, the project being late, or the project being buggy. These three reasons are probably the most...