Project Management for Software Development

Lightweight Project Management Process

In this blog post, Eli Weinstock-Herman proposes a lightweight process for project management and explains that the most critical part of creating a process is to know why your creating it.

An Accurate and Reliable Method for Software Estimation

Significant growth due to estimation inaccuracy can wreak havoc on a team attempting to stay within cost and schedule while executing its established plan. This article discusses how a software team that uses both proxy-based and size-based estimates is able to accurately plan, launch, and execute their project on schedule.

Power and Influence Charting: The Google Way

The most successful projects are those that have a solid foundation and actively supportive sponsors. One key issue that must be addressed during project initiation is the identification of the “right” project sponsor; one who has enough political clout and backing to overcome the obstacles that arise in the lifecycle...

Scrum Obstacles

Concrete barriers to Scrum adoption are inevitable. Test cycles will not magically shrink without effort. Most of the challenges in Scrum adoption are not technical, but social.

Earned Value Management (EVM) for Mere Mortals

This article explains the usage of Earned Value Management (EVM) in software development projects. EVM is simply a way of calculating two pieces of data for a project: schedule performance and called cost performance.

Stakeholder Analysis

This video explains the importance and usage of a stakeholder analysis in project management.

Interlocking Roles in Agile

This video explores the interlocking roles in Agile software development projects: Agile Coach, Product Owner and Agile Manager.