Project Management for Software Development

New Projects Filter

This blog post proposes a set of questions to filter and prioritize project during a project portfolio planning process.

Bid Writing for Project Managers

This is the first chapter of a book on this topic. This chapter introduces the key aspects of commercial project bidding. The bid is the foundations of project success and must not only persuade the client of its worth, but it has also to offer a feasible and commercially viable...

Measure Software Testing Effort with EVM

EVM is a simple quantitative technique that can be used to measure the schedule progress and optionally the budget progress of software projects. This article explains what EVM is and walks you through an example of using EVM to measure test-effort progress.

Resource Allocation Issues in a Multi-Project Context

Scheduling and resource allocation is a critical part of project planning in multi-project environments. In this blog post, Kailash Await explains that resource allocation issues are a consequence of flawed organisational procedures rather than poor project management practices.

Agile Project Risk Management

The article “Managing Schedule Flaws using Agile Methods” presents several symptoms and causes of schedule problems, describes metrics and diagrams that can be used to track your team’s progress against its schedule and proposes Agile approaches to mitigate these risks.