Project Management for Software Development

Why Am I a Coach?

Peter Hundermark explains the reasons that made him transition from manager to agile coach.

Don’t Start a Project with Scarcity

Johanna Rothman discusses what you should do when you don’t have enough resources at the beginning of a project. You will have to learn to defensively manage the project portfolio–a difficult, but not impossible task for a project manager.

The Purpose of a Plan

In this blog post, Jens Schauder offers a list of things a plan can do for you or other people involved in the project plus some properties your plan should have in order to fulfill this purpose.

The Land that Scrum Forgot

As Scrum teams quickly release new software, Bob Martin recommends to monitor that the team is not hyper-productively making a mess! You have to make sure they are practicing the disciplines that produce data that can be measured. You use that data to measure the quality of the code they...

Team Diversity

“The tendency to resort to groupthink can be exacerbated by a team’s tendency to self-select likeminded people and get rid itself of people who don’t think like the rest of the team. It’s important to find a workable balance between strong individual talents and team-centric collaboration, and to ensure that...

The Iron Triangle of Valuation

This blog post takes the classical project management triangle (deadline, price, quality) equation to the people side of project management.