Scrum Maturity Model

Within the agile development methodologies context, the topic of client relationship management is strongly focused, mainly due to the importance of collaboration between the development team and its clients. Most clients avoid or are unable to develop a close cooperation with vendor organizations, since it requires a motivation and close participation among key stakeholders in the development processes within and correct usage of the adopted software development methodology.

Hence, software development projects fail and become unsuccessful because of this lack of communication. In order to increase the rate of successful projects, this article will present the journey of the validation process for this roadmap to lead and aid software vendor organizations improve their development processes, concentrating mainly on the client’s role throughout the process. This concept is called Scrum Maturity Model; therefore, our main goal is to validate this concept with organizations that use Scrum agile methodology as their main development process, which turns out to be an viable approach to reduce the rate failed development projects.

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