How to Sell Scrum to Your Boss

As Agile adoption is spreading and more software development teams want to adopt an Agile project management approach like Scrum. In this article, Robert Karlsson ask the question the question “Why should your boss let you implement Scrum in your organization?”. Your boss might be satisfied with the current situation of its IT project. This article provide eight key arguments to sell Scrum to your boss.

Robert Karlsson starts by examining a traditional project management process and discusses the objective of responding faster to business needs? He then presents its eight key arguments to sell Scrum:
1. Wait two weeks, then get working software that’s ready to be deployed.
2. Less talk, more action.
3. Changes are good.
4. One list to rule them all.
5. Use the skills of the developers.
6. Rely on team spirit.
7. Not a silver bullet — test it.
8. Deliver.

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