Free and Open Source Classical Project Management Tools

A selected list of free and open source project management software tools that can be used to manage software development projects. The features provided by traditional open source project management tools are the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), the Gantt and PERT charts to describe the sequences of tasks, resource allocation graphs, mind maps and risk management.

2-plan Desktop

2-plan Desktop is a free standalone and portable project management tool for project managers that works on all systems where you can find Java (Windows, MacOS, Linux). This app provides its own unique graphical project breakdown structure tool that covers the people, process and product components of a project. It offers a large feature that includes Gantt chart, textual and graphical work breakdown structure (WBS), resource allocation graphs, mind maps and risk management. 2-plan Desktop is part of an eco-system that includes the 2-plan Team is an open source project software and the Work 2-gether Scrum task board online tool.

System requirements: Windows, Mac OS X or Linux with Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
License & Pricing: Free software.


GanttProject is a free open source project management tool that allows managing project and scheduling tasks using the traditional project planning techniques of Gantt and PERT charts. It is a desktop software written in Java that works on Windows, MacOS and Linux platforms. Created in 2003, this software has been continuously updated with a last release in January 2019. GanttProject is available in 25 languages.

System requirements: Windows, MacOS or Linux
License & Pricing: Free and open source software under GNU


LibrePlan is an open source web application for project management that allows project planning, monitoring and control. This project management tool allows planning the organization in a collaborative way and has a multiproject scope, which means that the allocated resources are shared among projects.

System Requirements: GNU/Linux operating system.