Forming Project Teams: Being Actively Present and on Time

If you want to build a relationship of trust with the team, behave showing the example that you want the team to follow. That means, be present physically and mentally 100% of the time. Put your cell-phone, tablet and any potential distraction away, and be there for them. Be on time and respect your commitments no matter what they do. You want them to see that something new is about to start happening, and that starts with you first showing what to do. Get ready to rock, which means be prepared to jump in and start helping them. It could be facilitating a conversation or just writing things in a board, just be ready to do what you love the most.

  • Benefits: By being present you show that you care about them, and people would appreciate that and that would help with building the relationship of trust. Being on time shows respect for the process, for the environment and for others people time. That would also help with building the relationship of trust with the team and would help them to follow and do the same. Being always ready to rock would demonstrate your disposition to help them when it’s needed and that would create support and a baseline for a strong relationship of trust too.
  • Potential risks: Becoming impatient and try to fix people behaviour could diminish all your efforts and destroy what has been built in seconds. Be careful.

Source: Forming Agile Teams Workbook, Jesus Mendez,

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