Building Awesome Teams Using The Team Collaboration Canvas

What is the secret of successful agile initiatives and awesome teams? Teamwork and effective collaboration, of course. It is important to set up software project development teams for success, as well as implement continuous improvement processes to ensure antipatterns and difficulties are addressed. Agile team chartering and retrospectives are commonly used for exactly that. However, some team charters are nothing more than a series of dot points containing generic ideas or vague statements. Learnings from Scrum retrospectives can be easily lost or forgotten. And how the team integrates with the outside world is often overlooked.

The Team Collaboration Canvas is a new tool specifically designed to help teams to create a shared vision, confirm working agreements, and support continuous improvement. It provides a simple method for teams to capture and confirm their ways of working along with team goals, ways to improve, and importantly, the context around their work environment including how they collaborate with customers and the broader organization. This presentation explore the Team Collaboration Canvas and how to use it to build awesome agile software development teams.

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