Project Management for Software Development

Applying Agile in a Mixed Team

This article is based on a Scrum Alliance Google groups thread called “How to apply scrum in a mixed feature development and SLA-bound bug fixing team.” It compiles most of the solutions that were provided in the thread.

Agile and Lean Six Sigma

This video shares the agile adoption experience that a Six Sigma Black Belt and an agile coach took borrowing concepts from Lean/Six Sigma to help promote and sustain the change that adoption to agile brought to the software development team. Are they opposing concepts or complementary?

Agile Dealing with Team and Customer

This article share some key points for project managers that are starting out on Agile projects. These key points are process knowledge and coaching, effective communication, work transparency, acceptance of change and continuous planning, encouragement of a self-managing team. He concludes that Agile processes usually succeed when a PM and...

Creating a Successful Open Source Project

Creating a successful open-source project involves far more than simply writing some code and putting it up on (GitHub|CodePlex|SourceForge|*). This talk will cover some of the basics of marketing an open-source project. It discusses what should be considered as “marketing” as well as give plenty of practical “how to” about...

The Manifesto for Poorly-Run Companies

Dave Moran shares with us a funny manifesto for poorly-run companies which is inspired by the famous Agile manifesto. He says that if the company actions and behaviors are not consistent with the company values, those values will be nothing more than hollow words to the employees at large. Enjoy…...

Optimize Your Project Development Process

Tired of inefficient methods? Sad because you software project missed deadlines? Overwhelmed by everyday bottlenecks? If the answer for at least one of those questions is yes, you need to optimize your process. One of them is use of simulation games and gamification. But both tools can be extremely helpful....

Agile Adoption Advice

In discussions about different methods and techniques it is tempting to focus on how the new method will support our ability to do things the way we’ve done them in the past. We are drawn to what we know best.

Agile Leadership Tips

Becoming an agile leader is not easy and could be mostly linked to your personality and tyle, but there are some things that could help you progressing in this direction. In this article, Jonathan Rasmusson shares ten tips that should help you lead your agile team.