Free Your Remote Team For High Performance

Agile, Scrum, DevOps, Lean, Spotify squads and Scaled Agile were built on high contact team interactions leading to extraordinary performance, then Covid came and disrupted our models of face-to-face interactions. Remote and hybrid models are our present and future for software development project teams. As a team member, manager, leader, intrapreneur and change evangelist, do you know how to empower remote team communication to capture room intelligence? Or are your remote interactions basic, excruciating and lack results? Remarkable tools and practices are often hidden in plain sight; Liberating Structures is a framework for facilitation created by Henri Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless. It consists of 33 microstructures designed to build trust and enhance cooperation and communication between teammates. Participation is the name of the game with Liberating Structures; this framework is built around improving coordination by including and unleashing all participants. With this video, you will discover, explore, and experience a world of unexpected engagement, collaboration and guaranteed high performance software development project team results.

This presentation will discuss how to:
• Harness microstructures to instantly accelerate remote and hybrid team collaboration and trust
• Experience by doing unique and foolproof practices to enhance remote participation among individuals and teams
• Synthesize simple collaboration tools to influence in real-time high-performance team interactions

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