Book Review: Global Project Management

In a global world, software development projects concern more and more people working in various locations or coming from different organizations and culture. Managing these projects requires thinking beyond the traditional project management techniques to integrate these additional global dimensions and deal with the new issues that they create. The book Global Project Management by Jean Binder helps project managers to think about this situation by proposing a detailed framework dealing with the team, communication, organization, tools and techniques dimensions of global projects.

Each chapter of the book Global Project Management has a good balance between conceptual material and real life examples. Many checklists and models are proposed to help to assess the global aspects of specific situations. The author invites also the reader to think how the current topic is handled in his organization. Finally, the book provides many pointers to additional literature that could help a reader to get more knowledge on a particular topic.

The book received in 2008 the Project Management Institute (PMI) David Cleland Project Management Literature Award that recognizes the best project management literature published during the previous calendar year.

Reference: Global Project Management, Jean Binder, Gower Publishing, ISBN: 978-0566087066, Hardcover: 308 pages

Global Project Management by Jean Binder

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