Hybrid and Remote Project Teams Collaboration

Discover the model of work habits that boost a software development project team’s performance and well-being with 10 areas of the team’s way of working: Work patterns, Teamwork, Collaboration, Cross/team routines, Meetings time & quality, Emails / chats time & quality, Focus time, Collaborative learning, Leader’s guidance, Work-life harmony.

This presentation shares the knowledge about metrics and benchmarks built on 10K of observations of how remote and hybrid project teams work. The knowledge of hybrid and remote teams is still a greenfield compared to research on teams working in one location. What factors should we pay attention to? How to create a practical model of hybrid work? We operate according to the principle that you can manage what you are aware of. Based on intuitive data visualization, hints from high performing tech teams and solid ethics upfront. This video presents the model of work habits that boost a team’s collaboration, performance & well-being, including work patterns, teamwork, cross/team routines, meeting time and quality, focus time and work-life Harmony.

Video producer: https://agilebyexample.com/

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