Getting Loyalty in Software Development Projects

Lack of loyalty is a serious problem in organizations everywhere today and software development projects. People don’t expect to spend their full career in the same company and are ready to jump ship rapidly if they think that they could loose their job or if the get a better offer elsewhere.

In this article, Jeremy Kingsley shares eight principles that could help you forge unity and loyalty among your software development team:
1. Take the time to observe before acting.
2. Always keep the door open to your staff members and share information that affects them.
3. Establish order and routine on the job so all workers know what is expected.
4. Training people to perform different activities.
5. Have employees work together on certain tasks to build trust and respect and even friendship.
6. Be fair and impartial on compensations, workloads and punishments.
7. Lead by example.
8. Have regular gatherings to build esprit de corps.

His conclusion is that “If you demonstrate a strong measure of loyalty to your team, you’ll find that same measure of loyalty being returned to you.”

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