If You Were in a Room with an Elephant Would You See It?

Learn how to use games to examine people in different ways, illustrating the impact of influences such as multitasking, fatigue and others. I’ve become fascinated by what actually happens inside us as humans. We will go further and focus on a number physiological impacts, and how it can result in the brightest people becoming blind (Inattentional and change blindness)!

I will actually prove to you how this can happen to you too no matter how good you think you are! It’s an amazing field when you look at it further! Finally we will bring this knowledge together and share potential strategies you can employ to ensure a better outcome for your organization. For teams looking for that all too elusive zero-defect goal, or higher customer value they need to take steps to start seeing their own elephants which are actually standing right in front of them! Failure to do so will limit their ability to succeed.

Video Producer: http://www.agilevancouver.ca/