Kanban is Like Onions!

Kanban value system can be organised into three layers – a familiar core that drives change, a middle layer that is about giving direction and alignment, and a protective outer layer of discipline and working agreements. Or from the outside in: discipline, direction, and drive.

This system (comprising nine values in all) can be put to practical use:
* it can help us engage more effectively with the organisation as it currently is
* it encourages us to self-reflect on our responsibilities as change agents
* it provides a convenient framework for the capture of community stories

There is strong resonance too with the unifying ideal of the Learning Organisation, suggesting that this values-based approach may have broader applicability.

Video producer: http://www.leanagilescotland.com/
Slides of the presentation: https://speakerdeck.com/leanagilescot/mike-burrows-kanban-is-like-onions

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