State of Kanban & Lean in the Software Development World

It has been 5 years since David Anderson and Rick Garber first presented the Kanban Method to a limited audience at small conference in Chicago. This session gives the Lean and Kanban community in the software development domain an opportunity for reflection on how far we’ve come in 5 years and some insights into what’s next for Kanban.

Today Kanban has a thriving global community, has spread to use as a personal productivity tool, as Personal Kanban, and has grown up and evolved for use managing programs and project portfolios. An entire market has emerged filled with vendors offering software to track work, projects, personal tasks and programs. Online games, simulations and board games have appeared. Lean & Kanban conferences take place around the world and informal meetup groups such as Lean Coffee and Limited WIP Society have sprung up around the world.

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