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Estimating the Unknown

“Almost every manager I know wants to know when a project will be done” says Johanna Rothman at the beginning of this series of blog posts that deal with project schedule and budget estimation. The answer is that you don’t have to gamble to provide estimates to managers. You do...

Transitioning From Time-Based to Relative Estimation

Your team has adopted the relative story point estimation and you are now ready to jump into your first planning poker session. Where do you start? What is a 1-point story? What is a 3-point story? What is a 13-point story? Your team is looking to you and this process...

An Accurate and Reliable Method for Software Estimation

Significant growth due to estimation inaccuracy can wreak havoc on a team attempting to stay within cost and schedule while executing its established plan. This article discusses how a software team that uses both proxy-based and size-based estimates is able to accurately plan, launch, and execute their project on schedule.

Getting Your Arms Around Project Scope

A project scope is about the size of it and how much work it contains. This article give some hints on how to start getting your arms around all the work required, defining and organizing scope.