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Resource Allocation Issues in a Multi-Project Context

Scheduling and resource allocation is a critical part of project planning in multi-project environments. In this blog post, Kailash Await explains that resource allocation issues are a consequence of flawed organisational procedures rather than poor project management practices.

Getting Your Arms Around Project Scope

A project scope is about the size of it and how much work it contains. This article give some hints on how to start getting your arms around all the work required, defining and organizing scope.

Don’t Start a Project with Scarcity

Johanna Rothman discusses what you should do when you don’t have enough resources at the beginning of a project. You will have to learn to defensively manage the project portfolio–a difficult, but not impossible task for a project manager.

The Purpose of a Plan

In this blog post, Jens Schauder offers a list of things a plan can do for you or other people involved in the project plus some properties your plan should have in order to fulfill this purpose.

Aspects of Kanban

“Aspects of Kanban” is an introduction to the Kanban workflow Lean project management system.

How to Sustain Adaptive Planning

Scrum and other agile methods recognize that responsiveness to change is an important aspect of delivering projects. They also recognize that software development is evolutionary and creative. By managing changes through Adaptive planning, Scrum provides a simple yet effective method of planning and tracking project progress. “How to Sustain Adaptive...