The Agile Project Stakeholder Engagement Canvas

Stakeholder engagement is critical in agile projects. Agile project managers, business analysts, product owners, Scrum masters as well as agile teams must plan their approach to collaborate well with stakeholders and build productive working relationships.

While there are many tools and techniques to perform stakeholder analysis, we need to analyze the mindset of our stakeholders – a deeper level of analysis – to understand how they might view various situations, and how we can best respond to them. We must also be willing to look within ourselves to understand how our behavior, words and actions may be perceived to identify how to build rapport while avoiding conflict and misunderstanding. This is where mindfulness is needed.

This presentation explores the ‘Stakeholder Engagement Canvas’, a new tool that helps us perform a more thoughtful and insightful level of stakeholder analysis. The canvas allows us to examine the stakeholder‘s needs and attitudes in depth to enable us to better plan and monitor the engagement process, along with how we can be more mindful working with them. Kathy will present how to use this canvas to cultivate effective stakeholder engagement.

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How to use the Stakeholder Engagement Canvas

Quickstart Stakeholder Engagement Canvas

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