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Agile Project Managers versus PMPs

6 November 2012 No Comment

In this article, Juan Banda discusses the visions of project management from the PMP and Agile sides. On one side, the traditional project manager follows the PMBok Guide and manage a project trough planning and control. On the other side, Agile project try to empower the team member and produce value. Communication is an important element in all projects and Scrum’s team-centric approach, offers something better than the PMI. However, Juan Banda writes that “As light a framework as it is, Scrum is not equipped to deal with project aspects that require interfacing with other areas of the organization, client organization, or third-party organizations. Crucial aspects such as watching the budget are things that cannot be ignored for the sake of keeping Scrum pure in its form.” His balanced conclusion is that “both approaches have something to contribute if the rivals are ready to listen to each other and add the other’s lessons to their own tool kits.”

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