Agile Leadership Tips

Becoming an agile leader is not easy and could be mostly linked to your personality and tyle, but there are some things that could help you progressing in this direction. In this article, Jonathan Rasmusson shares ten tips that should help you lead your agile team.

These tips are:
1. Ask the Tough Questions Early
2. Go Spartan
3. Make the Truth Self-evident
4. Set the Bar High Early and Keep It There
5. Deliver Fiercely
6. Make Yourself Obsolete
7. Make the Team Accountable
8. Cheerlead
9. Give Up Control
10. Accept Three Simple Truths

The article explains each of these points. It is hard to give advice on leadership, because it’s so contextual. For every point on that list, you can think of examples where it won’t work. Great leaders make it up as they go and you are going to have to do the same on your project.

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