Build Team Relationships & Push Through Conflicts with Nonviolent Communication

This talk explores the practice of nonviolent communication, and how you can use it to build trust, develop better quality relationships and resolve conflicts in your software development team.

According to the Health and Safety Executives Labour Force Study, 54% of all working days lost in the UK were attributed to work-related stress. In a 2020 UK workplace stress survey conducted by Perkbox, 79% of British adults in employment reported that they commonly experience workplace stress, citing ‘work-related office politics’ (37%) as the most common cause.

For organizations and their employees to flourish, it is vital that individuals feel connected, supported and have high quality social relationships. To achieve this, we must remove psychological hazards and promote empathy and compassion in the workplace Nonviolent communication helps us foster greater connection, understanding and compassion, enabling us to find strategies to meet each other’s needs. It is founded on language and communication skills that strengthen our ability to remain human, even under trying circumstances in software development projects.

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