Collaborative User-centric Model for Application Development

User-centric application development takes the experience of the user as the primary concern. This includes the visual nature of the application, the flow through an application, the way in which the user interacts with the application and the way it responds. It’s both the user interface and the process flows that the user goes through. A key aspect is that data structure must not be required to realize this experience.

This article proposes a collaborative user-centric model for application development. This user-centered development is most effectively carried out by developers who enjoy the user engagement and feedback cycle and who thrive on satisfying and delighting real users with solutions to real-world problems. In contrast, data-centric application development treats the data model as the first-order concern. Database schemas or other models become the primary concern and the application behavior is described in terms of data retrieval and modification.

Time-to-development has become an important aspect in an increasingly competitive application market. That time not only includes the logical underpinnings of an application, the programming code, but also encompasses user interactional behaviors of the application. The structure of the cloud is the perfect environment where this can take place.

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