Strategy Maps: Connecting Roadmaps to the Bigger Picture

This presentation explains what strategy is, how to visualize it and importantly how to visualize your competitors’ strategy, so you visualize options in time, in context and can translate this to roadmaps suitable for agile teams to iterate on and plan to an appropriate horizon. There are at least 12 benefits articulated in the approach over a static strategy that is simply a to-do list.

“Most strategy dialogues end up with executives talking at cross-purposes because… nobody knows exactly what is meant by vision and strategy, and no two people ever quite agree on which topics belong where” (Geoffrey Moore – Escape Velocity). In addition, all too often strategy is a static PowerPoint that goes out of date and gives little indication of the “why of movement”. Watch this video and find out how to form an agile strategy and visualize it in a complex landscape and connect it to roadmaps, backlogs, Wardley mapping and the Strategy Cycle. This talk connects to different aspects of agile theory and practices, including work by Simon Wardley, Roman Pichler and Dave Snowden. It also uses a novel visualization technique to help you visualize the talk itself.

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