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Agile With a Small “a”

In this blog post, Ty Kiisel discusses the need for project managers to produce value and not to discuss which methodology is the best.

The Best and Brightest of the Agile Methods

Interestingly, some industry thought leaders and consultants believe Agile is a development-only set of methods, neglecting the strong emphasis on project and risk management. I have read these analyses and have given careful consideration to their viewpoints. However, I believe this idea mischaracterizes the Agile methods, totally neglecting the strong...

Distributed Teams and Agile

This article shares experiences and a model to organize and operate distributed Agile teams. The author wants to convey a simple message: Agile is the best approach for distributed teams.

Manager 2.0: The Role of the Manager in Scrum

When an organization starts to explore Scrum, there’s often an uncomfortable moment early on when someone points out that the role of “manager” seems to be missing entirely. “Well I guess we’ll have to just get rid of ‘em all!” wisecracks one of the developers, and all the managers in...

The next step in the evolution of Agile project management

This post discusses is the next step in the evolution of Agile project management. The focus of project management used to be based on managing Tasks that people perform to deliver a piece of software. Agile project management shifted focus to managing the delivery of Features.