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Scrumban: Combining Scrum and Kanban

Corey Ladas wrote a classic essay on Scrum-ban where he discusses Scrum and Kanban hybrids. He presents the concept of index card and explains that Kanban is more than just a work request on a card and putting sticky notes on a whiteboard is not enough to implement a pull...

State of Kanbanland

It’s 5 years since David Anderson and Rick Garber first presented the Kanban Method to a limited audience at small conference in Chicago. This session will give the community an opportunity for reflection on how far we’ve come in 5 years and some insights into what’s next for Kanban.

A Lean/Kanban Approach to Teams

Teams are not mentioned in the definition of Kanban. In his blog post, Yuval Yeret discusses the impact on team structure when an organization is trying to adopt Kanban. He proposes a categorization of teams modes and an evolutionary approach on how to use them when you adopt Kanban, starting...

Kanban Weakspots

This video is an interview with Pawel Brodzinski about his experiences in using Kanban in his development teams. In particular it covers the weakspots of Kanban as this is the title of Pawel’s presentation at the Lean Kanban Central Europe conference.

Lean Principles and IT Demand Management

This article explains how, given the current global economic climate, many IT organizations’ frozen budgets and cost-cutting drive down value-adding and innovative IT initiatives. It describes how Lean principles can help to institutionalize IT Demand Management processes in the correct manner so that it reduces investment risk, optimizes resource utilization...

Aspects of Kanban

“Aspects of Kanban” is an introduction to the Kanban workflow Lean project management system.