Unfucking Feedback in Project Teams

Feedback sucks. It is horrible to give inside a project team, it can be painful to receive – even when it is praise, we are still uncomfortable. It is a problem, because if members of a software development team can’t give effective feedback to each other, and if we can’t receive it well, then we will struggle to be truly Agile with trust and communication.

No-one wants to “fail forwards” if they are afraid of what they are going to be told afterward (even if it goes well). This presentation looks at what makes feedback so hard to give well, and why it can be so painful to receive. It explores various styles of giving feedback that are used, and looks at what happens in our brains when we give and receive it. Drawing on the work of Kofman, Scott, Rosenberg and more, you will explore some more effective ways of giving feedback, and take a look at the neuroscience of effective feedback: how our body responds to what we hear, and how to use that information to give feedback that works the way you want it to.

Video producer: https://www.agileonthebeach.co.uk/

Further reading: Giving Feedback is Hard. Really Hard

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