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Is Agile Project Management a Fad?

Why is it called “agile” project management? Could it be called “agile project” management. This is the endless discussion, that has no resolution. Or at least no resolution that has any value. Glen Alleman try to to put agility back into conventional project management.

Working Effectively With Developers

Developers and testers often do not work effectively together. Either the developers can change, we can change, or both. I’ve never had much luck directly changing other people’s behavior. The article “Working Effectively With Developers” discusses of the interactions between developers and testers.

10 Lessons in Guerilla Tactics of Project Management

While many brilliant books and articles have been written on good project management, there is little attention paid to all the possibilities a project manager has to create the appearance of managing a project well without the burden of actually doing it. “10 Lessons in Guerilla Tactics of Project Management”...

Using Stakeholder Analysis in Software Project Management

Stakeholder analysis is a technique to identify and analyze the stakeholders surrounding a project. A proper analysis of the stakeholders will help you to construct a project approach suited to the situation and will allow you to negotiate better with the stakeholders.

Managing Risk on Agile Projects with the Risk Burndown Chart

Risk management is a central part of traditional project management and is included as one of the knowledge areas in the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) body of knowledge. In many of my classes, participants ask how Scrum and agile address risk management. Some are concerned that agile or Scrum ignore...