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Using Estimating Probabilities in Software Projects

In this article, Markus Sprunck explores the benefits of estimating probabilities in project management. He explains that deviations in projects estimations lead to systematic over-or underestimation of the project efforts. Probabilities are seldom used in project management due to the lack of tools that integrate this concept in their computations....

Why Size As Part of Estimation?

In this blog post, Thomas Cagley discusses the need to size the scope of a software development project during the estimation activity. His opinion is that the main benefit of sizing is the conversation that this effort generates. But as managers and estimators are numbers people, it is not safe...

Agile Project Managers versus PMPs

In this article, Juan Banda discusses the visions of project management from the PMP and Agile sides. On one side, the traditional project manager follows the PMBok Guide and manage a project trough planning and control. On the other side, Agile project try to empower the team member and produce...

Who Should I Listen To? Prioritizing Organizational Stakeholders

Stakeholders are individuals or organizations who stand to gain or lose from the success or failure of a software development project. This article focuses is on internal stakeholders within the organization and the need to prioritize between them to create the good requirements for a successful project. It presents a...

Scrum Velocity for Non-Agile Teams

This short article provides an approach to adapt the Scrum concept of velocity to traditional project teams that are working without using the sprints/iterations of Agile project frameworks. In Scrum, velocity is how much product backlog effort a team can handle in one sprint.

Dysfunctional Project Management Patterns

Inspired by the Gang of Four patterns for object oriented software development, Michael Duell proposes in this article some patterns for dysfunctional project management behavior. He classifies them in the cremational, destructural and misbehavioral patterns categories.

Should you Try to Stop Estimating your Projects?

In this blog post, Jim Bird discusses the issues of estimating in software development. He starts by reminding some of the modern lean concepts that condemn estimation. For him, this is applied mainly in context where delivering is more important than predictability.

Stand Back and Deliver

Leadership is not a topic that is easily discussed in a book. Pollyanna Pixton, Niel Nickolaisen, Todd Little, Kent McDonald have however produced a cohesive book that provides some tools to assess and manage your software development projects. The book presents four key principles: Purpose – Collaborate – Delivery –...