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Visual Project Management

Many project tracking taskboards look like they were imposed on the team. They are monochromatic, small and rarely providing too much useful information. A clear and informative taskboard is the heart of a successful team. It keeps everyone focused, radiates loads of information useful on many occasions.

Using Agile to Transform Legacy Systems

Every organization has to make the decision to replace or make significant business changes to their current legacy system or codebase. Using well-known, core Agile principles, we have found that this transition to software that adapts to rapid business change does not have to be painful, nor expensive, nor technically...

Lean Kanban Enterprise Best Practices

This presentations discusses the main point for using Kanban for enterprise product development. It explores what aspects of Kanban works in this context and what are the one that don’t work. It discusses also what is missing in Kanban for this.

Portfolio Analysis with Microsoft Project

This video provides a high level overview of Microsoft Project Server 2010 and focuses in on Portfolio Analysis. This area is a major pain point for many organisations and in this video we see how organisations can improve their project selection and approval processes.

Scrum of Scrums with JIRA and GreenHopper

This videos shows how to manage the situation of multiple Scrum teams working together with JIRA and GreenHopper. It explains how to manage backlogs and sprints and shares the lessons learned during thir real life project.

Scrum BurnUp Charts

A Scrum BurnUp Chart is a specific Big Visible Chart that is used to show progress for a release or iteration. The horizontal axis represents Time and the vertical axis represents Scope. For a release burn up the horizontal axis is used to represent iterations while for an iteration burn...

Selling Kanban

Kanban is a wonderful tool for improving the software development process, but it’s useless unless you can sell the idea to marketing, sales teams, top management, clients, and development teams.

Remote Programmer

This video describe reasons for working remotely as a programmer. It presents a couple of useful habits of the remote worker and then focus on working effectively in a distributed team. There is a huge difference between just being a remote worker and being a member of a distributed team....