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State of Kanban & Lean in the Software Development World

It has been 5 years since David Anderson and Rick Garber first presented the Kanban Method to a limited audience at small conference in Chicago. This session gives the Lean and Kanban community in the software development domain an opportunity for reflection on how far we’ve come in 5 years...

10 Deadly Sins of Software Estimation

Steve McConnell presents 10 of the worst ways estimates go wrong and provides time-tested rules of thumb for dramatically improving estimation accuracy. The average project overruns its planned budget and schedule by 50%-80%. In practice, little work is done that could truly be called “estimation.” Many projects are scheduled using...

Agile and Lean Six Sigma

This video shares the agile adoption experience that a Six Sigma Black Belt and an agile coach took borrowing concepts from Lean/Six Sigma to help promote and sustain the change that adoption to agile brought to the software development team. Are they opposing concepts or complementary?

Creating a Successful Open Source Project

Creating a successful open-source project involves far more than simply writing some code and putting it up on (GitHub|CodePlex|SourceForge|*). This talk will cover some of the basics of marketing an open-source project. It discusses what should be considered as “marketing” as well as give plenty of practical “how to” about...

Optimize Your Project Development Process

Tired of inefficient methods? Sad because you software project missed deadlines? Overwhelmed by everyday bottlenecks? If the answer for at least one of those questions is yes, you need to optimize your process. One of them is use of simulation games and gamification. But both tools can be extremely helpful....

Visual Project Management

Many project tracking taskboards look like they were imposed on the team. They are monochromatic, small and rarely providing too much useful information. A clear and informative taskboard is the heart of a successful team. It keeps everyone focused, radiates loads of information useful on many occasions.

Using Agile to Transform Legacy Systems

Every organization has to make the decision to replace or make significant business changes to their current legacy system or codebase. Using well-known, core Agile principles, we have found that this transition to software that adapts to rapid business change does not have to be painful, nor expensive, nor technically...

Portfolio Analysis with Microsoft Project

This video provides a high level overview of Microsoft Project Server 2010 and focuses in on Portfolio Analysis. This area is a major pain point for many organisations and in this video we see how organisations can improve their project selection and approval processes.