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Scaled Agile Framework

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAF) is a proven, publicly available framework for applying Lean-Agile practices to the enterprise. It will soon be available to the general public in a structured format on an interactive website. SAF has been scaled to over 140 teams and 1,000 people, yet can still be...

How to Change the World

How do I make my managers more Agile? How can I make customers more cooperative? When transforming organizations and other social systems people usually encounter obstacles. And these obstacles very often involve changing other people’s behaviors.

Effective Teamwork

This video discusses issues and solutions for team collaboration in an interdisciplinary context.

Transforming to Agile PMO

This video shares some key ‘waste’ areas within organizations and some ideas for how the PMO can focus their efforts on addressing these areas with special attention on limiting the number of projects in execution at one time.

Sustainable, Successful and Repeatable

This presentation shows how to use Strategy and Tactic (S&T) trees as the basis for our implementations. It focuses on a few case studies allowing participants to use basic S&T tree in their own environment to either catalyze or re-energize their agile implementation.

Social Contracts

This video presents the social contract. It contains a set of rules a team agrees to, that are above and beyond what their basic project roles and responsibilities mandate. It consolidates everyone’s understanding of how the team will behave and interact. The contract can differ from project to project.

Stakeholder Analysis

This video explains the importance and usage of a stakeholder analysis in project management.