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Peer-to-Peer Feedback

Managing conversations about friction between team members is the topic discussed by Esther Derby in this blog post.

Team Diversity

“The tendency to resort to groupthink can be exacerbated by a team’s tendency to self-select likeminded people and get rid itself of people who don’t think like the rest of the team. It’s important to find a workable balance between strong individual talents and team-centric collaboration, and to ensure that...

The Iron Triangle of Valuation

This blog post takes the classical project management triangle (deadline, price, quality) equation to the people side of project management.

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The Top-Five Most Valuable Development Team Positions

This article contains a list of resources about the most valuable positions in a software development team. The original content mentioned had disappeared, so you will find below another list of resources about the how to form the best software development teams and what are the roles involved.