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Why best practices are hard to practice (and what can be done about it)

The two common pitfalls that organizations encounter when implementing best practices are: 1. Lack of adaptation: this refers to a situation in which best practices are applied without customizing them to an organization’s specific needs. 2. Lack or adoption: this to the tendency of best practice initiatives to fizzle out...

Self-Organization In Teams

An interview with Esther Derby about self-organization in (agile) teams. We talk about self-organization in Agile teams. What is it? What is it not? What is the role of a manager in a self-organizing team?

The Core Protocols, an Experience Report – Part 1

The Core Protocols are our ‘best practices’ for people, teams of people and organizations that want to get great results – all the time. They are ‘Core’ because they are foundational – they can be used by all teams, anywhere, even if you already have organizational patterns and best practices...

Agile, Multidisciplinary Teamwork

The article “Agile, Multidisciplinary Teamwork” by Gautam Ghosh presents techniques and tools used to create requirements with a team composed of the different participants of agile projects.

Running an Open Source Software Project

“Running an Open Source Software Project” by William Echlin presents the project management activities in open source projects and compare them to the needs of commercial projects.