Uncover Costs of Delay to Increase Software Development Productivity

Jutta Eckstein presents simple tools and methods for uncovering hidden costs of delay in software development projects. These tools and methods can be applied in various contexts: In small and large software development teams as well as in co-located and distributed teams. Using an agile approach will help to make these cost visible.

Fred Brooks once stated so wisely “How does a project get to be a year late? … One day at a time.” Lean Development and queuing theories offer help so that this won’t happen. The suggested remedy is to implement a steady flow in order to achieve maximum productivity. However, most teams and organizations are far from reaching that goal and moreover it is often unclear which approach leads to what kind of delay. In-depth examination shows how generally accepted concepts such as Definition of Ready, Clean Code, or experts in a team can lead to costs of delay.

Following the Scrum basic framework in project management is becoming popular. Many teams using Scrum mistakenly think that you have to wait until the end of the sprint (2-4 weeks) in order to deliver a new feature. This perception isn’t true, and the team can release the features as soon as they are done.

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