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Agile Leadership Tips

Becoming an agile leader is not easy and could be mostly linked to your personality and tyle, but there are some things that could help you progressing in this direction. In this article, Jonathan Rasmusson shares ten tips that should help you lead your agile team.

Optimizing Systems and Software Project Management

Systems and software projects traditionally experienced some degree of project failure. In this context, failure is defined as a project that demonstrated a failure to match, within a reasonable tolerance, the expected outcome. Successful software projects demonstrate good project management methods incorporating modern processes and effective utilization of metrics. This...

Individual Project Estimation

Historically, estimation methods have focused on effort at the team level. Recent agile software development practices have shed light on taking individuals – who are acting as part of a team—into consideration. A lot of software – mobile device apps, services, components – is now written by one-person teams, thus...

Product Engineering is like Marathon Training

Marathon training and product development have a lot of similarities. They should be both treated and executed as time bound and goal oriented projects. To be successful, you need a lot of flexibility, introspection and continuous improvisation.

Widespread Usage of Project Management Tools

Do project managers in software development use software to manage their projects? Or does the shoemaker’s son always go barefoot as the famous proverb says? A recent Methods & Tools poll asked the following question: “Does your project use a software tool to plan, estimate and track project activities?”

The Psychology of Estimation

Estimation in software project management is often an issue. This blog post discusses some psychological aspects of estimating in software development. It explains the following effect that impact our estimation activity: The “halo” effect, framing effects, overconfidence, attribute Substitution, base-rate neglect and anchoring. It defines what they are and give...

Metrics in Distributed Product Development

In project management, the measurements and metrics are important activities for successful product development. This article describes a set of metrics successfully used in industrial practice in distributed product development. Based on the experiences, the reasoning for selecting these metrics was that they are easy to capture and can be...

Are Waterfall and Agile Project Management Mutually Exclusive?

This shares a case study of an organization that needed to re-establish itself as a leader in a transformed financial market. This required the early delivery of business benefit from its new channel website, but when the project was planned using the organization’s standard waterfall approach, it showed the requirements...