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Agile Dealing with Team and Customer

This article share some key points for project managers that are starting out on Agile projects. These key points are process knowledge and coaching, effective communication, work transparency, acceptance of change and continuous planning, encouragement of a self-managing team. He concludes that Agile processes usually succeed when a PM and...

Agile Adoption Advice

In discussions about different methods and techniques it is tempting to focus on how the new method will support our ability to do things the way we’ve done them in the past. We are drawn to what we know best.

Agile Leadership Tips

Becoming an agile leader is not easy and could be mostly linked to your personality and tyle, but there are some things that could help you progressing in this direction. In this article, Jonathan Rasmusson shares ten tips that should help you lead your agile team.

Widespread Usage of Project Management Tools

Do project managers in software development use software to manage their projects? Or does the shoemaker’s son always go barefoot as the famous proverb says? A recent Methods & Tools poll asked the following question: “Does your project use a software tool to plan, estimate and track project activities?”

Visual Project Management

Many project tracking taskboards look like they were imposed on the team. They are monochromatic, small and rarely providing too much useful information. A clear and informative taskboard is the heart of a successful team. It keeps everyone focused, radiates loads of information useful on many occasions.

Using Agile to Transform Legacy Systems

Every organization has to make the decision to replace or make significant business changes to their current legacy system or codebase. Using well-known, core Agile principles, we have found that this transition to software that adapts to rapid business change does not have to be painful, nor expensive, nor technically...

Are Waterfall and Agile Project Management Mutually Exclusive?

This shares a case study of an organization that needed to re-establish itself as a leader in a transformed financial market. This required the early delivery of business benefit from its new channel website, but when the project was planned using the organization’s standard waterfall approach, it showed the requirements...

Agile Maintenance

An estimated 75% to 85% of the amount of software development is used in maintenance. The same agile approaches applied to new projects can certainly be applied to maintenance as well, but there are specific aspects that can be better explored if we understand the nature of maintenance. This articles...